Romania 2020, constanty amuse us with it’s wildness and beautifulness, but in this year sort of more.

Enduro for everyone

We’ll teach you how to ride, even if you haven’t got any experience. Children over 120cm tall, adults without any age limit, motorcycles are adjusted to height and skill level.

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Romania for everyone

Our enchantment about romanian mountains is undiminished, we’re in love in this country with it’s endless mountains, beautifull landscapes, friendly people and delicious food. We recommend visiting this country, especially for enduro adventure.

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In the free time…

Despite not many free time, sometimes we managed to do something else, but how to live without motorcycles?

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Our trenings continue

Despite injuries, which are occuring through the season, we’re trying to practise, train and have a good time.

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Season 2018 ended!!!

In the season 2018 we won 1st place in club classification, 1st place in E1, E2, E3 and Junior classes. We would like to thank each and all of them, who contributed into general classification score and we’re starting our preparation for 2019 season.

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IX and X Enduro Rally Round of Polish Championships and Polish Cup in Kielce with Enduro European Championships Final

„There was a lot to ride” – that’s sentence will stuck in our heads for long time. Riding in hard terrain two times for 8h plus long technical tests. It was great!!!

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III and IV Polish Championships and Polish Cup Eliminations Wałbrzych

Our team won 1st place in Polish Cup club classification in Wałbrzych, each team racer contribute their points into this achievment. We won following cups: Junior class 1st place, E1 class 1st place, E2/E3 2nd place.

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Another training is over, we would like to thank all participants

Very hot and busy saturday is behind us, training participants came from all over Poland. Thank you for being with us and hope to see you again.

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I and II Enduro Championships and Polish Cup Eliminations in Kalisz Pomorski

In this year enduro season started late, because of canceling competitions in Opole. We’re satisfied of our results after I and II eliminations and we have constantly motivation for futher work.

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