About us

MOTOPRZYGODA is a project, which was created as an outcome of thousand together driven kilometers and countless evenings conversation by the fire in the mountains, how to infect other people with our passion for enduro motorcycles, give them experience which was not avaiable for most.

If you want to start your adventure with enduro, but you have doubts which motorcycle choose, what is important when seeking a vehicle, then we encourage you to take a training course on which you will learn not only the technique of riding a bike but also guides about equipment, motorcycles and finding appropriate capacity.

We have experience acquired during Enduro, Hard Enduro and Cross Country competitions both in Poland and Europe.
We organized many expeditions, countries like Morocco, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Argentina, Vietnam or Siberia are close to our hearts.

We want to share with others our experience gained during sporting events as training on motorcycle improves skills that can be useful while going on a trip, both near and far. It is also a priceless experience, which will pay off in everyday situation that can happen on the road.

In our offer we have enduro motorcycles, that we provide for training and for a few days trips to romanian and sicilian mountains.

Every expedition with us becomes unforgettable adventure and leave a somewhat dissatisfaction that leads into ideas for new challenges and travel destinations.

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